( General Assembly gathering 2012 Eudist Priests and Associates )


The Eudist Family

“The CJM offers the opportunity for lay people and other clerics to become Associates. An act of association is signed between them and the province, an act that is temporary and renewable, and they share in the Eudist spirituality and mission.” (CJM Constitutions 7.b)

Lay Associates

“Aware of the grace that the Lord has bestowed on them, Eudists pray each day that many Christians may be inspired to come and share in their community life. They humbly pray that he will continue to use the CJM to extend his Kingdom.” (CJM Constitutions 67)

A vital element of St. John Eudes’ legacy is that he always intended his foundations to have a spirit of family. From the beginning, the Eudist Family has been a beautiful collaboration of priests, nuns, and laypeople.

Similar to a third-order, associates are men and women, married and single, priests and laity. The CJM offers them a spirituality and a lifestyle that can nourish their existing vocation within the Church. They often collaborate in Eudist apostolates, celebrate the Eudist liturgical feasts, and generally meet once a month for reflection on the spiritual heritage left to us by St. John Eudes.