Formation to Mission

“In order for evangelization to bear lasting fruit, St. John Eudes devoted himself wholeheartedly to the formation of priests… Today, attentive to the Church’s constant need for good pastors, Eudists collaborate in the awakening of vocations and in the formation and service of priests and other ministers, each one according to their abilities and as requested by the bishops.” (CJM Constitutions 2, 30)

From the beginning, Eudists have helped awaken vocations and form candidates for diocesan priesthood and religious life. Our discernment program is designed to help each individual grow as a human being, live out the holiness of their baptismal vocation, and discover God’s will for them.


In the US, we accompany men who are discerning the vocation to be a priest or a brother. There are 4 stages along this journey:




This is a time of transition from a life in the world to life in formation. These men may have an outside job, might not be studying, but they are welcomed into the life of a Eudist community so they can share our lives and see the consecrated life firsthand.

Currently, we have no men in the discerning stage.

Discernment may take place in any Eudist house with the permission of the Regional Superior.


Candidacy is a public recognition that a man has chosen to pursue the priesthood and has been accepted by a particular diocese or institute of consecrated life. He will be placed in a 2-3 year program of pre-theology studies where he will earn a bachelor’s degree.

Currently, we have no men in the candidacy stage.

Candidates usually attend John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, CA for pre-theology.


St. John Eudes used he Latin word probare to describe this stage. It means it is a time of mutual testing. Men who are discerning a vocation as a Eudist will spend a minimum of 4 years living as members of the CJM, to evaluate it and be evaluated by the community.


Men in Probation



George German Perez (Seminarian)

23753006891_3fa20fbfdd_oMission: Theology studies at St. John Seminary

George is a seasoned veteran in youth ministry. Although raised in Los Angeles and trained as a software engineer, he has been an active part of youth ministry in San Diego for the past several years. As part of the All4God Catholic Youth Ministry organization, he served as youth minister for two, sometimes three parishes at a time. These parishes were usually in the inner city, in areas of great need. In 2014, he was sent to the Philippines for his Eudist Spiritual Year, and in 2017 he completed his BA in Communications Media and the New Evangelization at John Paul the Great Catholic University. He also assists the Regional Superior with various technology-related and administrative tasks.


Stephen Watson (Seminarian)

23539785970_92fb94690c_oMission: Theology studies at St. John Seminary.

Stephen is from Modesto, California. Before entering seminary, he earned a culinary degree at the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. He is currently in the last year of his BA in Communications Media and the New Evangelization at John Paul the Great Catholic University. During 2015, he was the producer of Season 2 of the Pillars of Catholicism video series.

Probation normally takes place while men complete a masters in theology, either at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, CA or the Franciscan School of Theology in Oceanside, CA.

During probation, the men are also sent for a year of intensive formation in Eudist Spirituality called a “Spiritual Year.” It usually takes place in an international setting with Eudist candidates and specialists in the spirituality from around the world.


Incorporation, Ordination

Incorporation is the definitive commitment to live out one’s baptismal vows by becoming a permanent member of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. At this point, men will discern and request ordination so they can serve the mission through sacramental ministry.

Eleuterio Mireles has recently requested to be incorporated. Pray for him and the General Council in Rome as they evaluate his request.

If they request ordination, they will spend 6-12 months as a transitional deacons before being ordained a priest.



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Prayer for Vocations:

Raise up, Oh Lord, in your Church the vocation of service of the holy Apostles and priests.

Bless the Congregation of Jesus and Mary with more priests to collaborate in the work of evangelization and in the formation of good laborers of the Gospel.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

St. John Eudes, pray for us.