Evangelization and Formation

“Laborers in the field of evangelization, Eudists work at renewing the faith of the People of God.


Attentive to the Church’s constant need for good pastors, Eudists collaborate in the awakening of vocations and in the formation and service of priests and other ministers.” (CJM Constitutions 2)


Classically, the mission of the Eudist family breaks down into two broad categories:

  • A New Evangelization of the Faithful
  • The Formation of “Good Laborers for the Gospel”


However, since the spirituality of St. John Eudes was so focused on the love and mercy of God, we also engage in works of compassion everywhere we go.

“Because they bear witness to a Kingdom of justice and freedom, Eudists, attentive to the needs of the poorest of the poor, accept to lend their voices to the voiceless… It is, therefore, in the midst of the joys and hopes, the sufferings and anguish of the people with whom they live that Eudists proclaim the strength of the Gospel.” (CJM Constitutions 25, 27)

Missionaries of the Love and Mercy of God



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After God’s Heart John Eudes himself witnessed to God’s mercy.  Compassion moved him to action!  He took care of plague victims.  He had a great sensitivity for the sick.  Even at the risk of his own health, he being frail and sickly himself, he confessed and brought the Eucharist to the dying.  He worked in defense of prisoners.  He preached 117 missions for about 50 years, especially in the countryside for the renewal of the church.  He had great compassion for the lost sheep, particularly  for the poor and the prostitutes.


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Mother of mercy, look upon so much misery, so many poor people, so many captives, so many prisoners, so many men and women who suffer persecution at the hands of their brothers and sisters, so many defenseless people so many afflicted souls, so many troubled hearts. Mother of mercy, open the eyes of your clemency and see our desolation. Open the ears of your goodness and hear our supplication. Most loving and most powerful advocate, show that You are truly the Mother of Mercy.