The Eudists in the Los Angeles Local Community live primarily in the rectory belonging to St. John Eudes Parish in Chatsworth, CA, affectionately known as the Holy Heart Residence. Seminarians doing their theology studies at St. John’s Seminary nearby in Camarillo, CA, generally live at the seminary during the week, and at the rectory on weekends.


Fr. Lawrence Goodwin CJM
19714479111_3ed0a586ee_kMission: Pastor at St. John Eudes Parish, Local Superior

Fr. Goodwin is a native of Ontario, Canada. Before joining the Eudists, he earned a degree in social work, and spent several years as a novice with the Franciscans. While a seminarian, he pioneered the Just Faith program in the San Diego Diocese, which brings parishioners into contact with people in need of social justice, thereby educating them on the Church’s social teaching in a very experiential way. Ordained recently in 2013, he spent his first two years as Associate Pastor of St. James/St. Leo in Solana Beach, under the mentorship of Fr. John Howard CJM. In 2015, he finished a MA in Pastoral Ministry at St. John’s Seminary and was assigned as Associate Pastor for St. John Eudes. Fr. Goodwin was appointed pastor of St. John Eudes Parish in 2017.


Fr. Carlos Valencia CJM


Mission: Associate Pastor at St. John Eudes Parish, Adjunct Professor at St. John’s Seminary

Fr. Valencia is a native of Bucaramanga, Colombia. After three years as assistant pastor in Colombia, he was sent to the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, which included a period of studies Jerusalem. He has extensive experience as a scripture scholar and priestly formator, having taught for 30+ years in seminaries throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, and Mexico. He is the author of a booklet entitled “Sintesis Biblica” that helps a reader understand the Holy Scriptures from a historically critical perspective, to know the various literary forms in scripture, and go from a literal understanding to a deeper symbolic reading of the Word of God. He became associate pastor at St. John Eudes in 2012, and in 2015, began teaching courses at St. John’s Seminary, nearby in Camarillo, CA.


Fr. Ernesto Torres CJM
Mission: Priest-in-residence at St. John Eudes Parish


Was born on September 24th 1978 in Mexicali, Baja California. While completing his first semester of Medical School at the University of Baja California, he received the call of God and was led to enter the seminary. He completed his degree in Philosophy at the Diocesan Seminary of Mexicali. From the beginning of his discernment he has been attracted to the Sacred Heart. He later met the Eudist priests by a friend. In reading some of St. John Eudes´ spirituality, he found that he had already written exactly what he was feeling, and was immediately connected, finding his place in the Church. He joined the Eudist Community in San Diego, and was sent to ¨Ave Cor¨ (a Eudist house of formation) in Mexico City, where he completed his Theology degree at the Pontifical University of Mexico. He then lived his Spiritual year of Eudist Formation in France, Colombia and Venezuela. He was incorporated into the Congregation of Jesus and Mary on June 27, 2008 and was ordained on November 14th of the same year. His first priestly mission was at St. James Parish in Solana Beach where he happily served as associate pastor for five years. The two years that followed, he was assigned to ¨House of Jesus and Mary¨ (Eudist house) as director, his emphasis was to accompany seminarians and also promote vocations for the US Eudist Region. During this time he shared time as a professor at the Diocesan Institute in San Diego. Today, he is completing a Masters degree in Formation to the Priesthood and Consecrated life at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he strives to be faithful to the spirit of his founder to form ¨Pastors according to the heart of God¨. Fr. Torres was assigned to St. John Eudes Parish in 2017.