In our Lectionary Proper to the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, a compendium of spiritual texts of our founder, St. John Eudes, and other personalities related to the French School of spirituality, there is an abridged work that tackles the meaning and ways to become holy.  It is entitled “The Call to Holiness,” and taken from the book, “The Admirable Heart,” written by St. John Eudes himself.

In our own way of thinking, holiness is only for those who are living in cloisters and monasteries, those who are in the pulpit and proclaiming the Good News, and those who are responding to the invitation of Christ.  But St. John Eudes emphasized that by the virtue of our baptism, we are called and obliged to be holy for so many reasons:


Holy, because we are children of God who is holiness itself and the source of all holiness.

that of Christian which is most holy. Holy, because of the name we bear: 27329454231_94cecbfb63_b

Holy, because through Baptism we received divine grace, a participation in the holiness of God, making all who are baptized and remain faithful to this holy grace sharers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1,4)

Holy, because through Baptism we are members of a Head who is the Holy of holies, and of a most holy body, that is, a member of Jesus Christ and his mystical body, most holy Church.

Holy, because we must be animated by the same spirit as his Head, the Holy Spirit.

Holy, in so far as we are fed a most holy and divine food, the deified body and most precious blood of the son of God.

Holy, in that we are a children of the Queen of all the saints.

Holy, because taught in a holy school and professing to follow a most holy law.

Holy, because God chose us in Christ, before the world was made, to be holy and blameless in his sight (Eph 1,4).

Holy, because the son of God redeemed us that we might serve God in his holiness and justice all the days of our lives (Luke 11, 68. 74. 75).


Maybe a question arises in your mind, “How can a person like me, fragile, weak and miserable creature can be holy like God?” Yes, indeed, it is possible because of God’s grace which he never refuses to give to those who are willing to ask for it. And it is through loving one another in Christ that we will find the way to holiness.  

It is pleasant to love the one who is infinitely good, beautiful, perfect and lovable; the one who is all goodness, beauty and perfection, who never caused any harm, but rather an infinite amount of good; the one who is all heart, all charity, all love for us.  Love the most good and lovable God and you will be holy.

It is love that transforms the lover into the object of his love.  Love God and you will become one with God by participation and resemblance.  If you love God, you will also love what or who God loves.  Separate your heart and your affections from all created things and give them over without reservation to him who gave himself totally to you; do what is pleasing to God; and following his divine dictates made manifest to you by his holy commandments, rules and obligations. These are the ways on how to become holy.  Are you ready to make the move?  

Holy, in so much as we must be clothed with Jesus Christ, that is, with his holiness and all his virtues.