Mayor Need is a Formation House for Seminarians ! 

Can you give a one-time major donation to help us.

$100,000; $50,000; $25,000

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While discernment may take place in any Eudist house, the real work of formation needs its own space.

The Church recommends that seminarians have a place to live in community
while casa25studying. It should have a chapel for their meditation and daily prayer life, enough space for study and recreation, and a priest in charge of keeping order and ministering to the discerners (known as the Rector).



dezeen_Prayer-Chapel-by-Gensler_ss_1Currently, our seminarians share space in rectories with our priests. Especially for the first years of formation, this is less than ideal because it its difficult to create the structures so valuable for their growth in a living space shared with working priests.



Otherwise, please consider these ways to help us outfit and maintain the house:

Ongoing Financial Assistance

  • $25,000 – a year of fixed expenses (utilities, taxes, mortgage, etc.)
  • $13,200 – a year of mortgage payments
  • $8,000 – yearly property tax
  • $2,200 – one month’s mortgage

    Yard and Utility Items

    • Washer and dryer
    • Backyard covering: pavers or drought-sensitive lawn
    • Solar outfit to reduce energy costs
    • Basic toolkit for house (hammer, saw, pliers, screwdrivers, shovels, rakes, hose, etc.)


    If you have these items in good condition, we accept in-kind donations and provide receipts so you can deduct the value of the items from your income tax.


    Kitchen/Dining Room

      • Large dining room table (a round table is ideal for community meals)
      • Kitchen utensils (serving spoons, spatulas, pots, pans)
      • Flatware and dishes (spoons, forks, knives, plates, bowls, cups, mugs)
      • Appliances for kitchen (microwave, toaster, blender)


    Community recreation room

    • Sofas and Furniture
    • End tables, coffee table
    • TV [flatscreen preferred due to space limitations]


    Bedrooms (4x)

        • Single beds
        • Desk
        • Nightstand
        • Lamp


    Bath & Hygiene

      • Housecleaning supplies
      • Paper products (tissues, paper towels, toilet paper)
      • Laundry detergent



    Another way to help is by donating a vehicle running or not, remember that all donations come with a donation receipt for tax purposes. Your donations are always welcome running or not. Vehicles are assessed inspected and if in good running condition will be kept for a Eudist Priest to drive, if inspection false the car will be sold and funds will be used towards to purchase of one.