In Solana Beach, CA, the Eudists live in two buildings: the rectory of St. James/St. Leo Parish, and the house of the Regional Superior, which also serves as the headquarters for Regional administration. The Eudists in Solana Beach together with those in Carlsbad belong to the San Diego Local Community.


Fr. John Howard CJM
19086868194_dde7a3ce4e_bMission: Superior for the US Region of the CJM, Pastor of St. James/St. Leo Parish

Fr. Howard is a native of New Brunswick, Canada. He has a PhD in clinical psychology and has spent the majority of his career as a consultant for religious superiors on issues of organizational psychology. Since 1976, he has been a resident priest at St. James/St. Leo, where he has worked with parishioners to found St. James Mission Circle and Esperanza International. As the first Eudist in San Diego, CA and first Regional Superior of the U.S. Region. He was appointed pastor of St. James/St. Leo in 2006 and Regional Superior in 2011.




Fr. Ricardo Juarez Frausto CJM

16028755800_bff3acabd1_bMission: Associate Pastor of St. James/St. Leo Parish

Fr. Juarez is a native of Sonora, Mexico, where he did all of his theology studies and seminary formation.
He was ordained very recently in December 2014, and is being mentored by Fr. Howard in his first assignment. He is an avid photographer and has real talent in many different creative pursuits, including cooking and singing. He was appointed associate pastor at St. James/St. Leo in 2015.





Sr. Zita Toto OLCGS

Mission: pastoral coordinator for St. Leo Mission19683136246_0e13bb2ea3_o

She’s not a resident member in the community house, or part of the CJM for that matter, but Sr. Zita is as Eudist as they come! She is a Sister of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, the first order founded by St. John Eudes, and coordinates all the pastoral activities at the St. Leo Mission in Solana Beach.

She has been at St. Leo’s since 2000, and is an important part of our Eudist family.